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Mandatory Condom Use For Adult Film Industry?

What is going to happen if the Adult Film Industry embraces Mandatory Condom Use on Horizon for Sexual Content? Will the adult film industry be forced to come to a screeching halt? The answer is most likely yes. What will happen is the adult entertainment industry will be limited to producing only one type of condom on site or off site and that is a condom. I do not think that the people producing the films are going to go back to the days of shooting without condoms.

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Why am I saying this? Well, I think the whole idea behind the inclusion of condoms in adult films to reduce or eliminate the possibility of unprotected sex is a complete waste. It does not make any sense to me, because if anyone is going to engage in sexual activity, whether they are married or single, they should know that they are safe. The real world does not work that way and mandatory condom use on site or off site does not decrease the number of people being exposed to STD’s and pregnancy.

I think that the idea behind the inclusion of condoms in the adult film industry is to create some controversy. By making the condoms mandatory, the adult entertainment industry will have someone to blame when a condom breaks during filming. They will be blamed for not using condoms and therefore will increase their ratings and ticket sales. I also believe that by forcing the actresses and models to wear condoms during filming, the adult entertainment industry will lose a lot of its privacy.

What will happen is this, when a scene is being filmed and there is a condom breakage, the crew man will be taken to the set and interviewed about his responsibility. Will he be embarrassed about the product that he was using on the women in the film? Will he regret that he did not use a condom? Will he be fired from the job because of it?

I believe the answer to all of these questions and more will be negative and therefore, the condom use scene will be very controversial and maybe the movie itself will be at risk. It is my opinion that we do not need to be talking about this right now. There are a lot of other topics we should be discussing on. But the current political climate makes me cringe when I think about the movie making business.

I do not believe that the condom use in the industry is something that should be forced upon people. I feel that it is a personal choice if you want to wear a condom on your body. I also believe that people have the right to their privacy and bodily functions. People who feel strongly about it should make their wishes known to producers and directors.

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