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What Is Diwali? It Is A Festival Which Breaks Your Mind

What is Diwali? In fact, the answer is as good as any! Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. It has been celebrated since the 7th century when it was brought down by the royals in the Mughal court. However, in recent times, other regions of India and abroad too have started celebrating it.

It is a celebration of the Hindu goddess of love, Shimla (which is the most favorite deity of the Indian people). The Goddess is known for her many attributes including her intelligence, cleverness, resilience, fire and her ability to defeat any enemy. All these traits are symbolized through the festival. There are a number of festivities that take place during the festival like there are special activities organized for children and adults alike. People look forward to this festival with great anticipation.

The best time to celebrate this festival is from mid-October to mid-November. But this is not the only time of the year when people look forward to it. In fact, the month of March is another important time for people to get into the festive mood. For the people of South India, Diwali celebrations happen around this time.

If you want to find out what is Diwali? Then it is time to understand the major roles played by this festival among the people of India. The celebration of this festival signifies the return back to the roots of the ancient civilization of the Indian people.

This time is a time of fun and entertainment for the people of all ages. The special attention paid to color, music and dance makes this a perfect time for gathering with friends and family. Even if you are alone, you can spend some quiet moments together over a good drink. Diwali is not all about loud music and colorful costumes. The true essence of the festival is wrapped up in the silent moments that people spend together.

One of the main things that people get confused is what is Diwali. For many people this is the time for doing group activities like shopping, dining and hanging out. But in fact, this season is also a time for celebrating the importance of family and returning back to the roots of the people. What is Diwali? This festival is more than a festival; it is the true essence of Indian culture and tradition.

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